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Mike Attara
2 min readMar 13, 2019


I was recently introduced to a project management tool called pivotal tracker as part of preparations for Andela’s bootcamp. In this post, I am going to share with you my challenges and lessons learned along the way so far. Even though I have heard of Trello but has never used it, Andela challenged us from the start.

What is Pivotal Tracker?

Pivotal Tracker is a straightforward project-planning tool that helps software development teams form realistic expectations about when work might be completed based on the team’s ongoing performance. Tracker visualizes your projects in the form of stories (virtual cards) moving through your workflow, encouraging you to break down projects into manageable chunks and have important conversations about deliverables and scope. As your team estimates and prioritizes those stories, Tracker divides them into future iterations, learning from your team’s natural pace of work to accurately predict when you will complete future work.

The above quotation is the official description of Pivotal Tracker on their website. And I must say, they have captured it better than I can explain.

However, Pivotal Tracker is not only used by teams. It can also be very effective for individual projects as well. My encounter with this amazing tool was through the Andela Developer Challenge. I am still working on my project at the time of this writing. Pivotal tracker helps you plan adequately and gives you a realistic overview of your project thereby help you prioritize your work.

Why I like Pivotal Tracker

I am very happy about this amazing tool for the following reasons:

  1. Amazing tutorials and learning resources
  2. Intuitive user interface
  3. Integration with other tools such as GitHub
  4. Beginner friendly due to the numerous resources available

If you have never used Pivotal Tracker, I encourage you to give it a try in your next project and you will be very glad you did. You can register here. You can also share your experiences with me via Twitter or leave a comment below.



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